About Us

Established in September 2022, Palmsome Reiki LLC caters to people and animals with the use of natural healing through Energy healing. Our company specializes in chakra healing, distance reiki, animal reiki, and crystal healing. We use confidentiality for each client during their sessions for physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological health.

We offer the types of reiki mentioned above as either a hands-off or hands-on approach. We also provide attention to each individual client’s needs and listen to their expectations for each session they attend.

Palmsome Reiki offers only virtual services as the covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing. Distance Reiki is just as effective as any other form of Reiki; and even if the client doesn’t feel any different, the energy is still working within the client and flowing over the distance to the client.

As mentioned above, we serve individuals and animals. Specific animals are cats, dogs, horses, goats, and sheep. Clients with any other kind of animal may still call to inquire about sessions for their pets.